by Holden Palmieri

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It's fun, dark, light, focused, unfocused and very much 'Holden Palmieri'. I had a blast making these songs, and I hope that you can feel some of that energy when you listen back to them. Love <3.


released February 25, 2011

All songs were recorded in my bedroom using the worst gear imaginable. I am deeply sorry, and hope that you can one day forgive me.



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Holden Palmieri Middletown, Connecticut

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Track Name: Intro (All I Want Is You...)
All I Want Is You...
Track Name: Planes
When I was young, I was alive.
Burning with this fire inside.
Now I drink alone at night.
As planes fall from the sky...

You know I won't let you go.

When I was young, I was a liar.
Who tried, and tried, and tried, and tried.
Now I can't believe my eyes.
As planes fall from the sky...

You know I won't let you go.

You were a painting, in the deepest of blue.
And I got the picture, it was drawn all over you.
And your colors faded, but you still shine.
In time don't forget the sparks in her eyes.

You know I won't let you go.
Track Name: Reverie
Stop the car, and search the street.
Fist through the wall; you don't have to speak.
To me, or anyone. We can see through anyone.

And all I can dream, is to have you here with me.
You worn out antique, is nothing as it seems?
In this moment. Here with you, this moment.

Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing.
These nights spent talking, are doing my head in.
And I'm weak, and giving up. And I keep on giving up.

Giving up on you and me.
Track Name: NJ
And so it seems, we'll cut this clean.
We know the steps, we've walked these streets.
And all these things, we couldn't say.
Come back to haunt us everyday.

Well I'm still here. For you, my dear.
You hold me back, this much is clear.
(This much is clear)
Tear me apart, at the seams.
Sew up my eyes, just for old times.
Sever these ties that bind our lives.

So one last song, to what went right.
The wasted days, and fucked up nights.
You're always on my mind.
No need to breathe, I know I'm always right.

Love lets your words fill the air.
You're still here. Is this for real?
I can't see a thing, well this can't be.
It seems we're trapped in alive.
But still, your lips, they fit with mine.